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Lunar Festival

Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket, Thailand

Day 1

The travel day was long. I left my house (fully packed) around lunchtime, then headed for work. After work, my travel buddy Jenny and I headed straight for the airport. Our plane left at 10, took 4.5 hours to get to Bangkok, then sat at the airport for about 5 hours before our connecting flight to Phuket.

Once arriving in Pucket, we took our personal car from the airport to our guesthouse. We had some time to kill before we could check in, so we ate a nice Thai lunch and stopped by the local dive center to arrange our snorkeling/diving trip to the Ko Phi Phi islands.

After checking in to the hotel, we rented a motorcycle and headed to the beach where we passed out for a few hours. We had a few beers that evening then went to sleep after a long day.

Day 2

I woke up early in the morning and did a beach dive off of Karon beach. Afterwards, I met Jenny for lunch and we went shopping. We then jumped on the bike and headed for Patong beach, a much busier, honolulu-style beach (there is even a hard rock cafe there).

Day 3

We woke up bright and early for our trip to Phi Phi. Unfortunately, the engine broke down halfway so we had to return to Phucket. But we made the most of the situation, and spent the day riding elephants, playing with monkey, and zip-lining though the rainforest. We had a few more drinks that evening.

Day 4

Our last day was by far the best. We woke up early and headed to Ko Phi Phi for sight-seeing. We did beautiful dives, where we saw bararcuda, Sharks, pufferfish,cca and lots more. In between dives, we had lunch on the same beach were they filmed the Leo decaprio movie “the beach.” Before the second dive, we checked out some caves where workers climb high up onto the cliffs to collect the harvest used in Chinese birds nest soap. The second dive was awesome, we some tons of turtles, squids, corals. and much more.

On the way home, we saw a school of dolphins.

Phuket Pictures

and the diving pictures:
And the diving pictures

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Long Overdue update


The Expo has now officially began. Unfortunately, I was stuck on the overhead highway during the crazy fireworks ceremony, but I was still able to see some of them from my cab.

Right now my friends and I are enjoying Labor day. No work for 4 days!

I've added some pictures of the fireworks on my flickr page, as well as some pictures from my friend Nicole's birthday, and from the Hershey's store in Shanghai. Enjoy!

Look forward to seeing those of you who are stateside in July!

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Lucky week

What a reserve in fortune! Last week I was really stressed and bumbed out, not knowing where I was going to live, and my xbox and iphone stopped working as well.

But yesterday my buddy Brent and I found a nice place (really big, probably the nicest apartment I've ever lived in!) for a reasonable price in a good location. The landlord is also really nice - he even wants to spend time with us (its difficult to leave when we talk to him because he just won't shut up!). He has a son studying in Germany, and he told us that because foreigners are taking such good care of his son while abroad, he also wants to be helpful to foreigners in china.

Finding a landlord that is fair is hard to find in Shanghai.

My xbox will be out of the shop tomorrow, fixed up. And if the internet rumors are true, there is a method for re-activating my iphone coming soon.........

Yesterday we had dinner with the Ayi and her friends. They cooked us really delicious Shanghai dishes, then we drank tea and talked for hours. Good times.

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New Years 2010

Year of the tiger

Dear All,

Happy year of the tiger! Today, Valery and I went to our Chinese friend xiangzhangyu's home for a traditional Chinese New Years, after a grand feast at a fancy restaurant. The CHinese like to go wild with the exotic foods during this holiday - this year's dishes included duck tongue and pigs ear!

We drank quite a bit of the Chinese liquor Baijou, and we rolled dumplings, both proud traditions going back centuries.

And of course, no Chinese New Year is complete without lots and lots of fireworks.

I've put some pictures up on flickr:



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Valery's visit

Just like old times

Since Valery's arrival, the two of us have been quite busy. We've been having dinner after dinner with old friends and classmates, lots of shopping (shopping in Shanghai is considerably cheaper than in Moscow!), and returning to places that we used to frequent.

Everyone is excited to have her back to visit. Next week, she will travel to Shenzhen for one week. Unfortunately, I can't go because of work. But I get her for 2 more weeks when she comes back.

Tonight was an interesting night. We ate at a nice restaurant on the Nanjing Lu, then we saw a police van pull up and chase after some illegal fake-goods (rolex, prada) vendors. We then got ice cream at the Hershey's store, which was right next to SH's peace cinema, the only IMAX in time. Scalpers were everywhere, due to the high demand for the movie "Avatar."

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